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Whether in-person or virtual, my manager and leadership workshops are customized to fit your company’s specific context and challenges.

Topics covered include:

Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your innate leadership qualities and emotional awareness.

Coaching and Feedback: Become a leader who coaches teams to greatness and fosters a feedback-rich environment.

Team Trust and Delegation: Build trust and master the art of empowering teams to optimize output and satisfaction.

Performance Management: Tackle performance issues head-on and have career-advancing conversations that matter.

Managing at Scale and Leading through Change: Develop leaders who manage teams and business at scale and lead teams through change & transition. 



1:1 Coaching

This is where your personal transformation meets professional growth. Together, we’ll dive deep into your aspirations and challenges, utilizing tools like 360 Leadership Assessments to uncover blind spots and highlight strengths. Our one-to-one sessions are designed to help you clarify your goals, enhance your leadership skills, and significantly boost your effectiveness and productivity.

Team Coaching and Team Offsites

Our team sessions are meticulously crafted to align with your specific business needs, fostering a high-functioning team culture rooted in trust, psychological safety, and inclusiveness.

We focus on:

Vision and Purpose: Building and executing a clear vision, values, mission, and purpose that resonate across all team levels.

Cultural Development: Driving a culture of coaching, feedback, inclusivity, and accountability.

Team Dynamics: Enhancing team effectiveness, productivity, and the ability to navigate complexity effectively.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Cultivating teamwork that drives tangible results and operational excellence.



Speaker Engagements & Keynotes

As a seasoned speaker, I bring insights from decades of business and leadership coaching to your events. Topics include Authentic Leadership, Building Leadership Mindsets, the power of Polarities and “Both And” Mindsets, and what it means to Lead at Scale.

My engagements are designed to inspire change, provoke thought, and spark action among all attendees.

Speaking engagements are available both at in-person and virtual events.

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