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About Me

I’m an Executive Leadership Coach, Team Coach, and Manager Development Facilitator with a rich background of over 25 years in business leadership, predominantly in sales, marketing, and leadership development roles at global giants like Google and Meta.


My passion and professional focus lie in enhancing the effectiveness of leaders and teams through the adoption of transformative mindsets and skillsets.

Throughout my career, I have been deeply committed to fostering environments where every manager creates conditions that champion success, growth, equity, inclusion, and belonging. I’ve had the privilege of coaching and training more than 10,000 leaders and managers, ranging from CEOs and founders to new managers across all roles.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and a Certified CoActive Professional Coach (CPCC). I have trained with ORSC (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) and am trained in Positive Intelligence. I also hold a certification with Andiron as a practitioner of the Key Polarity Indicator tool, which aids leaders and teams in navigating the essential “Both/And” versus “either/or” mindsets that are crucial for unlocking their fullest potential.

Management Matters

In 2017, I realized an audacious personal goal by pivoting from a 25 year career leading sales organizations and as a business executive. This transition was fueled by my firsthand experiences and a fervent belief in the transformative power of effective management. Managers, in my view, are the cornerstone of any organization’s structure —they not only influence immediate team dynamics but also significantly impact broader business outcomes through their leadership.

Why do I focus on managers? Because they are the catalysts who create the conditions for individuals and teams to drive impactful business outcomes. Equipping every manager with the right mindsets and skillsets to unlock the performance of their teams is not just a mission—it’s a passion that drives me every day.


Outside of my professional life, I am based in the Bay Area, enjoying an empty nest with my husband Evan, to whom I’ve been happily married for 32 years, and our three golden doodles. I treasure time with my three young adult children and our friends. When I’m not coaching, you can find me hiking, walking our dogs, enjoying good music, playing games, or indulging in a fabulous cheese board.

As your coach, I promise to show up for you, as indicated by my Peloton handle, @stacey_shows_up. Let’s unlock your potential together!


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