Kind words from kind leaders


“In my role as VP of People & Operations at SandboxAQ, I’m constantly seeking ways to cultivate exceptional leaders at all levels. I knew that working with Stacey would create a transformative experience for our company. We worked together while at Google, where I experienced her coaching, leadership training, and facilitation expertise first hand…she is the best of the best.

Stacey is not just an executive leadership coach; she’s a leadership architect. She has worked with numerous members of my team, including myself, and the impact is undeniable. Her approach is insightful, supportive, and drives increased leader effectiveness. She has a unique ability to create a safe space for leaders to challenge themselves, identify blind spots, and unlock their full potential.

I’ve observed that leaders who’ve worked with Stacey — either as a coach or in her leadership courses — demonstrate more confidence, self-awareness, and ability to navigate ambiguity and inspire their teams. She provides a dynamic and engaging platform for leaders to hone their skills, build an essential toolbox, and learn best practices.

What truly sets Stacey apart is her commitment to fostering authentic leaders. She role models and encourages vulnerability and self-reflection, which leads to a more collaborative and empathetic leadership culture.”

Suzie Radack
VP of People & Operations, SandboxAQ

“Demandbase is firmly positioned for extraordinary growth and continued market impact, and as CEO I want to ensure I’m operating from a place of great self awareness. I need to make sure I’m pushing myself to grow and constantly improve. Stacey has acted as my champion and challenger, coaching and equipping me with tools (including a deep dive 360 assessment that enabled powerful self-discovery and opportunities for greater effectiveness), and she does it with thoughtfulness and intentionality.  Stacey has helped me fully tap into both mindsets and skill sets for increasing decision-making effectiveness, increasing accountability, and increasing ownership that empowers the team, ultimately unlocking even greater potential of a high-performing executive team.

I can’t recommend Stacey highly enough for any CEO, leader, and their teams who want to increase impact. It continues to be a transformational journey, and one that will continue to benefit both me and Demandbase for years to come.”

Gabe Rogol
CEO, Demandbase

“I enthusiastically recommend Stacey Levy, Executive Coach extraordinaire. Stacey helped me to see and appreciate new perspectives and build tools for improvement in my management style and collaborations with co-workers. She helped me identify skills I didn’t know I had and led me to tap into talents to motivate and lead to valuable results for our business. With Stacey’s careful listening, supportive guidance, helpful exercises, I was able to improve my leadership abilities, communicate more effectively and restore relationships to help our cross-functional team work together through challenging situations with respect and innovative thinking. I refer back to sessions with Stacey when facing new challenges, as the insights I uncovered are evergreen and deepen over time.”

Michelle Kaufman
Architect, Director of R+D for the Built Environment, Google

“As a seasoned CEO, it’s been reassuring to turn to Stacey for the additional strategic and tactical guidance I need to perform at my best. Stacey has been instrumental in helping me architect recent, successful workshops for marketing leadership. Being able to turn to her for the planning, approach, outcomes, and facilitation expertise gave me the blueprint and support I needed to crush it.  Stacey brings a treasure trove of experience and expertise in developing leaders and teams looking to increase their effectiveness and drive winning outcomes for themself and their business.”

David Lewis
CEO, CMO, Advisor

“I had the privilege of receiving 1:1 coaching from Stacey for the first year of my sales management career at Google. Right from the start I realized how lucky I was to have Stacey as a coach, mentor, and colleague as I navigated this new career path. Whether it be working through management skill training or helping me talk through personal insecurities, Stacey always came to the conversation as an active listener, empathetic communicator, and critical thinker. This consistent approach enabled me to quickly gain comfort and focus in my new role. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Stacey and can say with confidence that others who work with her feel the same.”

Brian Law
Sales Manager, Google

“I worked with Stacey through some of the most challenging transitions of my career and can say with confidence that she is a phenomenal coach, facilitator, and leader. Stacey accompanied me on my journey from managing a rapidly scaling team at Google, to leaving to start a new company, to fundraising, and then to scaling a team again. Throughout that time, Stacey was an invaluable resource to me. She balanced listening with guidance and challenged what I thought was possible. Stacey helped me build the skills and mental fortitude to develop and progress towards personal and professional goals and provided the support, encouragement, and wise counsel I so desperately needed at that time. It is no exaggeration to say that she made me a better, happier, and more resilient person. Working with her has been a real gift.”

Eitan Marder-Eppstein
CEO, Hippo Harvest

“Thank you Stacey for your investment in me and your valuable coaching. You helped me identify my strengths, weaknesses, equipped me with necessary tools and always encouraged me to bring out the best in me. You made me a better leader! You not only influenced my professional career but also my life for the better.”

Bhavin Mathia
Senior Manager, Engineering, Google

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